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Cocktail Dining Menus

Cocktail Menu —1

Served warm

Cocktail chicken burgers topped with sour cream

Chicken skewers served with a Thai peanut sauce

Coriander beef satay served with a honey and tamarind glaze

Chipolata sausages served with a spicy relish

Watermelon and haloumi skewers drizzled with a mint dressing served on baby leaf salad, sprinkled with edible flowers

Fillet medallions topped with olive tapenade served on potato rossiti on mini plates

Sticky oriental deboned chicken thighs served in mini cups on basmati rice

Mini bobotie pies served with chutney and rocket

From the cold buffet

Open sandwiches with a variety of toppings salmon cottage cheese, chicken mayo, cheese tomato and lettuce

Prawns served in mini cups in a smoked paprika dressing, cucumber ribbons, caper berries and smoked salmon slices

South African cheese served with savoury biscuits, nuts and fig preserve


Desserts from the buffet

Miniature dessert glasses

Chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate Amarula mousse

Mini tiramisu pots with finger biscuits

Cocktail Menu —2

Beef biltong, toasted chili nuts and drywors

Roasted vegetable chips with rosemary and coarse salt

Served warm

Tandoori chicken skewers

Angels on horseback -Crispy bacon wrapped around a smoked oyster-

Mediterranean fillet kebabs served with a minted yoghurt dipping sauce

Cigaros - spicy mince phyllo cigars served with a herb yoghurt dip-

From the cold buffet

Vol au vents - dainty pastry cases with a creamy mushroom filling

Rolled salmon sandwich with pickled ginger and cucumber

Cocktail lamb and coriander burgers topped with a beetroot relish and a dollop of sour cream

Toasted rounds of sour bread topped with smoked salmon, whole peeled prawn, cucumber ribbons and caviar

Red onion mushroom and cheese tartlets drizzled with olive oil

Peanut curry chicken salad in phyllo baskets

Avocado mousse and crudite platter served with savoury biscuits and pretzels

Mozzarella and rosa tomato stacks drizzled with a basil pesto and olive oil

South African cheese served with savoury biscuits, nuts and fig preserve


Desserts from the buffet

Decadent chocolate brownie slices

Coconut and lemon curd tartlets

Miniature apple tarte tatin topped with a dollop of cinnamon mascarpone


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