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Spitbraai & Braai Menus


Option 1

Marinated lamb on the spit brushed with mint basting sauce &

Lemon roti chicken

Whole, plump, succulent chicken basted in olive oil and fresh herbs

Slowly roasted over the hot coals until golden brown

Option 2

Marinated saddles of beef, de-boned legs of lamb and pork/chicken

Salad Selection

Selection of 4

Salad Nicoise - Lettuce salad with new potatoes, baby tomatoes, French beans, black olives, sliced boiled eggs and pesto croutons served with a herb vinaigrette dressing

Grilled mediterranean vegetable salad with crumbled feta cheese and shredded basil

Potato salad with fresh herbs, creme fraiche and parmesan cheese

Marinated green bean, mushroom and gruyere cheese salad

Garden Salad with baby tomatoes, grilled Haloumi cheese, marinated aubergines and peppers served with a creamy herb dressing

Salad caprice - slices of provolone cheese, tomato and grilled aubergines, served with a pesto dressing and shredded basil

Penne, country ham and peach salad in a creamy mayonnaise dressing

Marinated mushroom, feta cheese, olive and peppadew salad

Antipasto salad - a salad of marinated sun dried tomatoes, black olives, egg plants, artichokes, peppers and topped with slices of hard boiled eggs and mozzarella cheese

Watermelon and feta cheese salad with toasted pine nuts (seasonal)

Warm Selection

Selection of 3

Creamy potato and butternut bake with onions, garlic and cheese

Portuguese potatoes - chunky potatoes cooked in a spicy paprika and tomato sauce 

Whole baked potatoes filled with mozzarella cheese and garlic parsley butter

Whole baked sweet potatoes topped with a chili, ginger and coriander butter

Roasted butternut pieces with chunky onions, spinach, cheddar and coriander

Grilled corn on the cob with Chimichurri (paste of garlic, parsley, red onions, olive oil and lemon juice)

Spicy roasted pumpkin slices

Traditional pap served with Shesebo gravy

Slices of baby marrow, aubergines and carrots grilled with freshly grated parmesan cheese


Selection of 1

Freshly baked Italian breads - plain and olive Ciabatta's, Focaccia served with butter

Freshly baked mealie and cheese bread served with butter

Pot bread baked in cast iron pots served with butter

Selection of cocktail rolls including whole wheat, Portuguese and cheese rolls served with butter


Selection of 2

Trio of ice creams served with a warm chocolate fudge sauce

Chocolate bomb - layers of vanilla and chocolate ice cream mixed with brownie chunks, nougat and fresh berries, drizzled with chocolate

Malva pudding served with thick custard

Tiramisu dusted with cocoa and served with chocolate shards

French apple and custard tart served with cinnamon flavoured mascarpone

Chocolate eclairs filled with cream

Decadent chocolate brownie and pecan nut squares

Phyllo milk tart topped with toasted almonds and dusted with cinnamon sugar

Trifle cups - layers of chocolate brownie slices, white chocolate mousse, chocolate custard and topped with a dollop of mascarpone and summer berries

Summer sliced fruit platter drizzled with rose syrup and pistachio nuts

Cheese Board

A selection of South African cheeses served with crackers, Melba toast, fresh fruits, preserves, honey and bread-sticks

Tea & Filter Coffee

Braai Menu 1

Rump steak

Chicken leg quarter

Traditional boerewors

From the chafing dishes

Biltong mushroom and feta mealie paptert


Sweet potato and orange bake


Tomato and beetroot salad

Green bean salad with peaches avocado and feta

Carrot salad with coconut and pineapple


Mini chocolate cappuccino slices

Mini custard cream puffs

Braai Menu 2

Tender chicken kebabs with rosemary and apricots

Lamb cutlets

Traditional boerewors

From the chafing dishes

Mealie pap

Traditional pap and gravy and tomato relish

Cheesy vegetable stuffed braai bread


Broccoli and butterbean salad

Greek village salad with olives and feta

Egg pasta salad with curry mayonnaise dressing


Individual baked cheesecake tartlets

Italian kisses

Flavours mint, hazelnut, strawberry, chocolate

Chocolate mousse in chocolate cups

Braai Menu 3

T-bone steaks

Lamb sausages

Chicken flatties

From the chafing dishes

Baby potatoes

Mealie bread served with butter


Noodle salad with chickpeas feta and cocktail tomatoes

Cucumber salad with olives and feta and honey dressing

Roasted butternut salad with chickpeas and spring onions


Individual chocolate eclairs

Apple crumble phyllo rolls served with custard


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